Sofos Asset Management (“Sofos”) is a diversified alternative investment firm focused on delivering innovative solutions. We avoid simply accepting convention we rethink and rebuilt our ideas constantly. We strive for excellence at any cost and we get there through our culture of openness, unencumbered dialogue and analysis. Sofos is run in a very entrepreneurial way by seasoned professionals in the alternative investment space. We are structured to respond quickly to new opportunities in the marketplace and strive to identify early, budding significant trends. In the pursuit of our goal we always adhere to our core values of Integrity, Longevity, Transparency, Accountability, and Innovation.



All our investors are treated equally and their needs come first. What is best for our investors is best for Sofos.


In an industry of frequent spectacular successes and collapses we will strive to make Sofos a constant. This is part of the fiber of Sofos and a concept that resonates throughout our organization and our products.


Investors have real time disclosure of their portfolio risks and profit & loss.


At Sofos accountability resonates throughout the organization from the way we conceive of risk management, to responsibilities, to sound checks and balances and corporate governance.


In an environment of ever increasing complexity and opportunity we believe that alternative investment solutions have to evolve and keep pace with the changes in the market place along with the needs of our clients.